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Executive Inn Riedgeway, SC

Clean and tidy

This is the most vital characteristic that any hotel should possess. All the rooms in our hotel are clean. This includes the public rooms, the washrooms, restaurant, and the staircases. We make sure that we have adequate staffs to maintain the hygiene level of the hotel. Our hotel’s furniture is also be arranged in a neat and orderly manner.

The staff

The staff are the face of a hotel because the moment a guest check in a hotel to the time they check out, they are in contact with the staff. They are the ones who will determine the guest’s experience at the hotel. Our staff is:

  • Warm and kind; the hotel industry is all about providing services, you cannot offer a service with a bad attitude. Our staff is courteous and make the guests feel at home.
  • Offers information where necessary. Our staff offer information gladly to guests. The information may be about the hotel’s surrounding or any location that the guest might want to know in the area. On top of that, the staff is well knowledgeable.


Executive Inn Chester is conveniently located. It allows you to perform your errands without having to waste too much time, effort or money. It is also located in a safe place.

Customers’ needs being the priority

We are all about people and service provision. We put our customer’s needs first always have a good reputation. We provide personalized services to our guests and that is why they come back over and over again because they cannot forget the experience, they had at our hotel. Our staff ensures that the guest’s needs come first.

Free Wi-Fi and HBO

We provide free Wi-Fi and HBO to all our guests.

We Provide You Excellent Services Every Step Of The Way